ISSEY MIYAKE INC. (hereinafter referred as "the Company") considers the protection of customer privacy to be a matter of the very highest importance, and devotes maximum care and attention to the handling of areas pertaining to such privacy. Explanations of the nature of the policy used to store and utilize the personal information of customers in the ISSEY MIYAKE INC. corporate website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") is described hereinafter. When preparing to use the Website, it is requested that customers confirm the contents of this privacy policy and only make use of the Website when consenting to the stipulations of the said policy.

Contents and Purpose of Personal Information Collection

The personal information entrusted in this way is safely administered and managed under the responsibility of the ISSEY MIYAKE INC. corporate website.
The technology known as "cookie" is adopted in certain locations of the Company's Website. "Cookie" is a technology used to supply improved services to customers repeatedly accessing the Website, and is capable of discerning the customer's IP address and other computer information. Nevertheless, this technology cannot be used to identify individual customers unless those customers input personal information on their own.

Exemptions from Responsibility

With the exception of the following circumstances, personal information supplied by customers on the Website shall not be disclosed, loaned or transferred to third parties without the consent of the customer in question.

  1. Cases when needs exist for cooperation with companies or affiliated companies engaged in commissioned operations on the basis of confidentiality contracts entered into with the Company or other requirements pertaining to the administration and management of the Website.
  2. Cases when legal warrants, orders or other directives are received from courts, police, consumer centers or institutions possessing equivalent authority.
  3. Cases when imminent threats to life, body, property or other assets require prompt responses.


The Website adopts preventative measures to guard the personal information of customers. In all cases when customers supply important information through the Website, the personal information of customers shall be protected both online and offline.
Notwithstanding, in cases when, despite the Company's adoption of appropriate measures for protection of the personal information of customers, security fails to be maintained as a result of illicit access through the Internet, the Company shall assume no responsibility for such failures unless the breaches occur as a result of negligence on the part of the Company.


The Website contains links to other websites. The Company is unable to assume responsibility for any direct collection of customer information by other websites to which such links are provided. Accordingly, the details of how personal information is handled by websites to which such links are provided should always be confirmed. This privacy policy applies only to information collected through the Website.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Customers shall be notified on the Website of any changes made in the privacy by the Company.

Prohibited Matters

When using the Website, the following actions are strictly prohibited.

  1. Actions causing violations to the property, privacy or other assets of third parties or of the Company, or actions with the risk of perpetrating such violations.
  2. Actions causing disadvantage or damage to a third party or to the Company, or actions with the risk of perpetrating such circumstances.
  3. Actions detrimental to public order and decency, or actions with the risk of perpetrating such circumstances.
  4. Criminal acts or actions leading to criminal acts, or actions with the risk of resulting in criminal acts.
  5. Business activities or actions with the purpose of profit making, or actions taken with the purpose of preparing for such activities or actions.
  6. Actions damaging to the honor or reputation of third parties or the Company.
  7. Actions involving the use or supply of computer viruses or other detrimental programs, or actions with the risk of resulting in such use or supply.
  8. Other actions in violation of laws, ordinances or regulations, or actions carrying the risk of perpetrating such violations.


Inquiries pertaining to the Company's privacy policy should be directed to the ISSEY MIYAKE INC. corporate website manager at the following e-mail address: