SPRING SUMMER 2018 Collection

ISSEY MIYAKE presented its SPRING SUMMER 2018 Collection at Grand Palais - Salon d'honneur, Paris on September 29th (Fri).
The great mysteries of nature, created over eons by our planet. The inspirations of this collection “A Piece of Memory” are the memories of the landscapes of Iceland, as experienced by the design team.
Great clefts in a harsh landscape, igneous rock covered in moss gleaming in the rays of the sun, and crystal-clear glaciers stretching as far as the eye can see.


Shrunk into a three-dimensional form, this season's Steam Stretch fabric is flattened out in the printing process, creating a new, softer expression. Hints of the base fabric color overflow from the shadow of the folds, creating a beautiful visual effect.


Baked Stretch continues to evolve this season, becoming ever softer. Images of the Icelandic landscapes are echoed from within the uneven pleats. These pieces are the recollections of transitory impermanence.


The brown color that appears in the colorful check is the natural pigment of the earth, using the traditional “Dorozome” mud dyeing method from Amami Oshima, a tropical island in the south of Japan.


“CUBE” is a textile created by piecing together squares, each one representing a fragment of a memory. A square is created when the garment is laid flat, which changes into a three-dimensional form when worn.